About Us

Meet the Team Behind RendezView

Based in both Portland and Honolulu, our team embodies the essence of remote collaboration. We are a group of dedicated professionals committed to transforming how teams work together. Here’s a glimpse of the minds making RendezView possible.

Our Values

At RendezView, we aim to redefine the standard of excellence through our core values:


To work jointly with others, especially in an intellectual endeavor. We believe that great things are achieved when we collaborate effectively.


The quality of being open and honest. We value clear communication and openness in all our interactions.


Reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. Building trust is fundamental to our work and relationships.


The process by which information is exchanged through a common system of symbols or behaviors. Effective communication is at the heart of everything we do.


Firm adherence to a code of moral or artistic values; the quality of being complete or undivided. We uphold integrity in our actions and decisions.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for passionate and skilled individuals to join our growing team. If you’re driven by innovation and eager to make a difference, explore our open positions:

Senior Engineer
Are you customer-obsessed, a passionate problem solver, and skilled with modern technologies like Angular 8? [Apply here]

UI/UX Designer
Are you passionate about delivering an engaging and powerful user experience? [Apply here]